What are the activities we are offering?


MOCA is offering a wide range of music education activities starting from general music education workshops to instrumental workshops. We are offering educational concerts and performance training and workshops.
The general music education workshops consist of introducing the basic elements of music such as rhythm, range, volume, conducting, movement etc through playful games and activities. these workshops can vary from one lesson to weekly lessons. as the workshop progress more musical elements are introduced such as emotions in music, analogies in music, musical stories and identifying instruments.

The instrumental workshops consist of introducing a musical instrument to the group, playing, explaining and experiencing the instrument. the group get to know the specific instrument, the family in which this instrument is part of and the differences and similarities between the

instruments. we believe that a kid should experience the instrument so we let the group play, touch and see first hand how the instrument works.

The educational concerts are a tool to stimulate the interest of an individual in music. The concerts are presented in many different levels to different age groups from kids to adults.
An educational concert can consist of the introduction of instruments in a playing situation, telling a story with music, explaining about style or genre and go up to lecture concerts of a particular musical style, cultural, concept or historical significant.

The performance workshops are aiming to give the participants the experience of being on stage, working towards a goal and taking an active part in a concert. this can take many forms as playing a rhythm, singing, using electronics and any other musical means to integrate the participants into the performance


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would like to integrate more music into the activities of the community.
With the extensive knowledge and experience MOCA’s founders carry we are able to provide for a wide range of ensembles, orchestras and combos to every occasion. As music plays such an important cultural role in every community MOCA is aiming for bringing this culture to complete the event.

The performances are playing a big role not only for the event but also for the performers.
As MOCA’s close collaboration with CMO we intend to bring the ensembles CMO is coaching in order to give CMO young students the opportunity to play, grow and experience music and take an active part in giving back!!

Performances are not limited to an event! bring joy to the Beth Shalom residents in Poerim or playing for the residents of Sinai in Chanoeka, having a musical parade at the heart of the jewish neighbourhood or playing for the kids of Rosj Pina at Kabalat Sjabat; all of these activities has been done previously by CMO and can be extended to regular day-to-day activities at the community.

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Music has no boarders! The children of the Chieder, Rosj Pina, Maimonides and other schools in the area of Amsterdam/Amstelveen has shown a great example of it for the past six years. Jewish children from every background are coming together every Monday evening to participate at the CMO orchestras and ensembles. they come together to learn, experience and play.

In MOCA we would like to extend this concept and bring people together to learn about music, enjoy music and create music.
Whether arranging a workshop, concert, lecture or other activities we aim to create a joint cultural experience.

How are we going to realise our plans?


The founders of MOCA are not new to the world of music education and music performance with over 130 students at the CMO music school, a team of 15 teachers, hundreds of performances, music productions, events an activities Mr. Shabbat and Mr. Nachum bring a vast amount of experience in every aspect of the field. from organisation, to performance, from production to education the team has a great amount of successful projects at their disposal; in fact, many of the plans mentioned were previously realised!!


Yaniv Nachum co founder of CMO and founder of the MOCA foundation is well established musician. He is the research coordinator at the Amsterdam conservatory, Musical and Artistic director of the Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra, Production coordinator of the CVA-ONLINE, composer and arranger (previously worked with the VPRO TV network) and a performing artist. This knowledge and experience gives him the ability to execute MOCA’s goal from the musical, organisational and business aspects.

Roi Shabbat, co founder of CMO and founder of the MOCA foundation is a teacher, composer and arranger with years of experience. Roi brings the experience of a producer, musician and manager after working with some of the leading bands in Europe. Being involved with complex productions, performances, venues and orchestras Roi acquired an extensive knowledge in his field. As the founder of the popular Jewish music band Or le Israel and as an active musician in the field, the knowledge, experience, repertoire and style Roi carries is a great and valuable addition to the foundation.


Both founders works as active musicians in some of the leading music scenes and institutes in Europe. MOCA’s members are connected to musicians, bands, venues, production personnel and organisations. in addition, their work with CMO offers them the contacts to high quality and experience teachers in the field


Why are we doing this? Because we believe in it!!

When providing music education you are making today’s student to tomorrow’s music lover. Music plays a huge role in life and culture, music stimulates the brain, encourage creativity, develops analytical thinking, improves coordination and frankly, makes you smarter. Music unites and bridges, makes you think and enjoy. we care about it and we would like to bring it to the community, we would like the heritage and the culture of jewish music to keep living and be part of the community. lastly, we would like to give the students of CMO the possibility to share their gift, perform and be part of something big, something they can be proud of. The performances CMO arranges in Beth Shalom for example have taught us that the value of the music education we provide is not only by the level of performance but by the sense of accomplishment a child have after he realised he made an elderly person happy, even for few minutes.