A tribute to Yoni Rechter’s music

The MOCA foundation is proud to present it’s latest project ‘Er zit Muziek In – verbinden door muziek’

The goal of this project is to introduce Jewish, Hebrew and Israeli literature through music to the Jewish community.
The foundation gathered all major educational institutes to cooperate on this project together.
Children and youth from the JBO, Cheider, Kehila, Tsofiem and the Jewish music school “Concertino” will take an active part of this project.

The music of the Israeli composer Yoni Rechter was chosen as a theme for this project, Rechter’s music connects and represents Israeli songwriters and poets over decades in Israeli culture.

Through his compositions he cultivated the beauty of the language and brought to life significant works of Israeli poets.
Rechter is known for his unique way of connecting lyrics and music. His works with Arik Einstein “From the songs of Avraham Halfi” featuring the song “Atur Mitzchech” is to this day considered as one of the most monumental recordings in Hebrew poetry and music tradition.

We will introduce the children to the music, the lyrics and the language both in Hebrew and Dutch. we will learn the songs, practice the compositions and perform the material that we worked on.
We will present the music in many institutes to generate awareness and create collaboration, presentations will take place at the Jewish schools, Kehila, Tsofiem, Beth Shalom, JMW and many more.

To close this project we are delighted to have Mr. Rechter joining us here in the Netherlands! Yoni Rechter will perform some of his music at an exclusive concert for the community.

But that’s not all…The kids participating in the project will come up on stage and perform with Yoni Rechter.

This is a unique project. it introduces music, literature, language, history & culture it connects all the different communities and organizations.
music is a language and everyone speak the language of music!
That’s the magic within (Er zit Muziek in)